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Bucharest - Travel to Romania

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Trips to Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania and the central scene of Romania’s political, artistic, university, financial and cultural life. Being over 500 years old, Bucharest went through a series of changes, but the golden age was between the world wars, when due to the elegant architecture and the elite living here, the city was nicknamed “The Little Paris.”

Reminiscences of “The Little Paris” can still be found in the historical center, one of the most visited places in the capital. Bucharest is close to the Black Sea and also to the Carpathian Mountains, known for their impressive panoramic views and wild forests. Therefore, E2mTravel offers not only a city break package that focuses on this amazing city, but also one dedicated to the wildlife found in the deep forests close to it.

Travel packages for Bucharest

Here you can see the packages created for Bucharest and its surroundings. If you are interested in one of our offers, simply hit the BOOK NOW button and we will take care of everything.

Easy access, affordable destination

Nowadays, there are direct flights from Billund to Bucharest twice a week. Given the prices in Romania, a trip to Bucharest is cheap by the Western standards. Also, keep in mind that the packages and tours are made with the help of locals and specialized guides. Therefore, we will not only make sure you stay at affordable, comfortable hotels with friendly staff and visit the most interesting destinations, but we are also here in case you need a recommendation for a really good traditional restaurant or if you simply want to find the coolest pub in the capital.

Are you feeling worried about the prices in Romania? This article will give you all the information you need regarding the cost of cabs, meals, beverages and more. You will see that Bucharest assures a value for money that is unique in Europe, with prices being up to four times lower than in the Western capitals. Regarding safety for travelers in Romania, this post contains some useful statistics that will help you make your decision. Again, you will see there are no reasons for second thoughts, since Romania is a safe travel destination and so is its capital city.

The unique, communist history

By simply walking in Bucharest, you can trace the rise and fall of Communism in Romania. There are also tours that take you visit the political memorials and Communist-era landmarks to allow you to see how the regime and 1989 revolution have left a permanent mark on the city. Knowing about the communist chapter in Romania’s history will help you understand why Bucharest is such a striking mix of very different architectural styles and how each regime has left its mark on the city. The violent beginnings of the communist regime, the nationalization and forced demolition of homes, building the Palace of Parliament, the Ceausescu family and the anti-communist revolution of 1989 are stories still vivid in the minds of Romanians. If you have the chance of chatting with the locals, especially the older ones, don’t be scared of asking for more details. Even if Romania is now a democratic country, people still talk often about the past times and what they meant to them.

What both locals and tourists love in Bucharest

  1. Triumph Arch
  2. Palace of Parliament
  3. Herastrau park
  4. Patriarchal Cathedral
  5. Village Museum
  6. Great Synagogue
  7. Coral Temple

For more details on what to do in this beautiful European capital, click here.